Haechi Audit

Learn more about Nusa Finance smart contract security through a comprehensive audit result

HAECHI AUDIT is a flagship service of HAECHI LABS, the leader in the global blockchain industry. HAECHI AUDIT provides specialized and professional smart contract security auditing and development services.

This report was prepared to audit the security of the smart contract created by Tadpole Finance (Nusa) team. HAECHI AUDIT conducted the audit focusing on whether the smart contract created by Tadpole Finance (Nusa) team is soundly implemented and designed as specified in the published materials, in addition to the safety and security of the smart contract.

Smart contract audit result and certificate can be seen below👇

🔗[HAECHI AUDIT] Tadpole Finance (Nusa) Smart Contract Audit Report v.3.0.

Smart contract audit is required to minimize risk from system failure. However, personal crypto activities is still consider a high risk financial activity. Please proceed with full awareness and always do your own research.

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