How to Supply/Withdraw

Follow this step by step guide to help you access the Supply Market feature

Supply Guide

1. Visit and click “GO TO APPS” . You will be asked to connect your wallet, make sure you are logged in to your wallet extension

2.You will be directed automatically to the Lending Market. Click on the token you want to add in the Supply Market

  1. There are 2 permissions you need to authorize:

a) Permission to access your asset by setting the "Spending Cap"

b) Permission to enter the market

Set your maximum spending cap and give authorization to enter the market. Please give time for the transaction to process, refresh web page if needed.

4.After permission is given, click on the token you want to supply for the second time and input the amount of token you want to supply. You can input the amount manually or click "MAX" to add all balance from your wallet. Click "Supply" to proceed.

5.Confirm your transaction and wait until your balance automatically shown in the market

Withdraw Guide

1.Click on the token you want to withdraw from the supply market

2.Click on the "Withdraw" tab and input the amount of supply you want to withdraw. You can click "MAX" to withdraw all your token from the market. Click "Withdraw" to proceed.

3.Check your transaction and "Confirm" from your wallet

4.Wait until your balance is sent to your wallet, the token amount will automatically be updated

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