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Nusa Background

How It Started

On October 2020, Indodax and Tokenomy initiated a project called Tadpole Finance. Tadpole Finance is an open source platform providing decentralized finance services for saving and lending. The idea of Tadpole Finance business model drives from the challenge faced by projects to enter any lending market because existing lending market are usually closed door on public projects. William Sutanto and Oscar Darmawan, founders of Tadpole Finance, bridge this obstacle by providing an open lending market where any BEP-20 tokens can list their token at Tadpole Finance lending market.

The Advancement of Tadpole Finance

2 years after Tadpole Finance has started, the project has established a legitimate lending market platform. We have reached our highest TVL at $8M in 2021 and provide more than 10 tokens available for lending and borrowing. As the community grows for both users and businesses, the ecosystem stabilized, our target to establish an open lending market has been achieved.
Tadpole Finance roadmap has all been checked and can continue to run automatically with the smart contract. As the project matured, we learnt that our community has been showing tremendous support and excitement through out the project development. In gratitude, we decided to expand our project by making a new roadmap to provide more amazing features for the community!

The Launch of Nusa

Since we have decided to continue the project, first thing first we recruited a capable team to continue the journey. We met Wildan Ramadhan and Ifan Wijaya and proudly announce them as the CEO and CTO of Tadpole Finance. After a long discussion between the team, we plan to rebrand Tadpole Finance to Nusa. The reason behind rebranding are:
  • We have a new vision and mission
  • Tadpole Finance is a name for a Defi Project, since we will surf into Web3 ecosystem we need a more suitable name
  • Updated roadmap that adjusted to the new tokenomics.
Finally here is NUSA vision and mission


Enabling an accessible Web3 experience for local and global user

We see the future of internet technology will enter the Web3 era where all internet users can have full control over their belongings on the internet. As a project of experts in this industry, we are eager to introduce Web3 to a bigger audience by providing access for local and global users.


1. Being up to date with the development of Web3

Web3 technology is a fast growing industry and everyday there’s always new development that is being invented. As a pioneer Web3 platform provider in Indonesia, we are committed to be the most updated in the Web3 development to ensure that we can provide the most recent technology in this Web3 technology race.

2. Innovating blockchain technology for the use of industries development

Web3 technology is the most recently invented technology that aims to solve various conventional technology issues with its nature of being transparent, immutable, and decentralized. We believe that future industries development will rely on Web3 technology to be the most advanced technology. Therefore, our project will keep on innovating in the development of Web3 to be compatible for the use of many other industries.

3. Creating a simple, informative, and user friendly Web3 platform

We realized the barrier for many users to be able to learn and utilized Web3 technology because of its advancement. Our project aims to bridge this gap by creating a Web3 platform that is simple, informative, and user friendly so that Web3 features can be more accessible to more users.

4. Constructing a healthy incentive mechanism that benefit for our project supporter

We believe that the core foundation of a sustainable crypto project is powered by a profitable business model and a loyal community support. The 2 years experience of growing our project have proven that our business model can profit the project and community healthily. We intend to retain this sustainable business model on our future development that not only benefit the project but also compliments our loyal supporters through a healthy incentive mechanism.