veToken Guide

Follow this step by step guide to help access the veToken feature

1. Visit and click “GO TO APPS”

2. Click “Governance” in the navigation bar

3. Connect your wallet on the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure your wallet is already logged in from the extension

4. Enter the amount of NUSA that you want to lock and choose the duration of your lock. You can also input the lock duration manually. Click "Enable" when you are finished

5. Approval pop-up will appear, click "Approve"

6. Give permission for smart contract to access your NUSA. You will only need to do this once

7. You will be directed back to the main screen, click "Create Lock"

8. Confirmation pop-up from you wallet will appear, click "Confirm" to proceed

9. Wait until the process is done, a pop up will appear to confirm your transaction

10. You can increase your NUSA amount or lock duration to increase your veNUSA. You can also check the status bar to see your share in the distribution. You can use the "Unlock" button to withdraw your NUSA if your veNUSA have turned zero.

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