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NUSA Token

NUSA token is a BEP-20 token that has a total supply of 200,000 token. It can be used for various utilities in Nusa platform. Those utilities are:
  • Add any BEP20 token into Nusa Lending Market. NUSA token that is used for listing tokens fee will be burned and removed from the circulation.
  • Requirement to join Nusa Airdrop and many other event. You can say it is a participation ticket to join event.
  • Governance token. In Nusa there is a governance model where the staked Nusa will represent your portion in a protocol revenue distribution weekly.
  • More utilities will be developed as more features is being developed.

How is NUSA being distributed?

The distribution of 200,000 NUSA is as follows:
  • Migration TAD to NUSA: 100,000 (50%)
  • Upcoming Features Reward: 80,000 (40%)
  • Marketing Activities: 20,000 (10%)

Contract Address

If you are doing manual transactions or developing applications interacting with NUSA token, make sure you are using the correct smart contract addresses.

NUSA: 0xe11F1D5EEE6BE945BeE3fa20dBF46FeBBC9F4A19

How to get NUSA?

There are few ways to get NUSA token:
Nusa Farm is a reward mechanism to ensure the liquidity of tokens and the supporting tokens are always maintained on decentralized exchanges. You can get NUSA token by staking PancakeSwap LP tokens through Nusa platform.
Platform Liquidity Mining is a reward program to motivate activities in Nusa Lending. In addition to saving interest, a number of NUSA is distributed to savers according to the size of the savings portion.
  • Buying it through various exchanges
Lastly you can get NUSA by buying it through various exchanges.
Here is a list of various exchanges where you can buy or trade NUSA token: