How to Add/Withdraw Collateral (NUSA)

Follow this guide to help you add or withdraw NUSA collateral on the fixed rate lending market.

Currently, only NUSA token is able to be used as collateral in the fixed rate market

Add Collateral Guide

1. Visit and click "GO TO APPS." You will be prompted to connect your crypto wallet. Make sure you are logged into your crypto wallet.

2. You will be directed to the lending market page. Choose "Fixed Rate" in the Market. Currently, the token available for collateral is only NUSA.

3.To add collateral, you need to click the 'Enable' button on the My Account dashboard. You will need to have BNB balance as gas fees to connect your crypto wallet to the Fixed Rate market.

4. Once your crypto wallet is connected, select "Add Collateral" on the My Account dashboard.

5. There are two permissions you need to grant:

a) Permission to access your assets by setting the "Spending Cap."

b) Permission to enter the market.

To set the "Spending Cap" in the Fixed Rate market, you must choose "Set Default."

Then press 'Approve' to grant permission to the smart contract to enter the market. Please wait for a while to process your transaction; refresh the page if necessary.

6. Press 'Add Collateral' again to add Nusa as collateral. You can enter the token amount manually or press "MAX" to enter all the tokens you own. Press "Supply" to continue.

7. Confirm your transaction, then wait for a moment until your NUSA balance appears automatically on the platform.

Withdraw Collateral Guide

1. Select 'Withdraw Collateral' on the My Account dashboard.

2. On the Withdraw tab, enter the amount of tokens you want to withdraw or press "MAX" to withdraw all the tokens you supplied. Press "Withdraw" to proceed.

3. You will be prompted to confirm the withdrawal transaction. Press "Confirm" to complete it.

4. Wait for the balance to be sent to your crypto wallet. Then, the NUSA token amount on the dashboard will be automatically updated.

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