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Welcome to Nusa

A warm welcome and a brief overview of what Nusa can offer you
Unlock your crypto full potentials through various Nusa Web3 features

✨The Best of Nusa ✨

One stop accessible and safe Web3 solution

Giving You Instant and simple

No need for account and registration Just connect your wallet to directly enter the web3 world of Nusa

It's Decentralized

Everything runs in the blockchain, we do not hold any of your assets your crypto is 100% yours

Nusa is for Everyone

Doesn't matter who you are; newcomer, intermediate, or crypto guru Accessible and beneficial for every layer

📚Products & Services 📚

Everything in one place, a playground for crypto enthusiast

Lending Market

Enable user to deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest or borrow other crypto assets against them. Uses trusted smart contracts that automates the storage and management of the capital being added to the platform


Swap your tokens within the BEP20 network through a few clicks away. Hassle free, secure, and low cost swap platform

Liquidity Provision

User can provide token liquidity for a profit sharing reward. By adding liquidity to pairing tokens, you will get LP token that can be utilized to get a percentage of swap fee from the respective liquidity pool.


More way to circulate your earning; Rather than holding your LP token, put it in the farm pools for staking and get NUSA reward. Get both benefit from being Liquidity Provider and Farming.


Join a strong community by supporting a project while getting rewarded! Help amazing projects to develop by becoming a token holder.

Governance Program

As one of our mission to reward loyal NUSA holder, now you can lock your NUSA at Governance Program and earn portion of revenue generated by Nusa protocols.

NFT Marketplace

Coming soon! NFT marketplace to buy and sell your favorite NFT on polygon network.

Ready to earn? 💸 Let's get started! 🏃🏻💨

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