Swap Guide

Follow this step by step guide to help you access the Swap feature

1.Visit https://nusa.finance and click “GO TO APPS”

2. Hover to “Trade” in the navigation bar and click “Swap”

3. Connect your wallet on the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure your wallet is already logged in from the extension.

4. Choose the token you want to swap by clicking the token list or input the token contract address.

5. Input the amount of token you want to swap, if you want to add all your balance click "MAX". Then, click "Swap" to proceed.

6. You will be asked to give permission for Nusa's smart contract to access your tokens. Give confirmation to continue.

7. You will be directed back to previous page. Click "Swap" for the second time, then click "Confirm Swap".

8. Confirm your transaction from the wallet pop-up, click "Confirm" and wait until your transaction is successful.

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