IDRX Earn Guide

Follow this step by step guide to help you access the IDRX Earn feature

  1. Visit IDRX Earn on Nusa Finance dApps and connect your wallet

  1. Choose Add New Stake and click Approve to give Nusa smart contract permission to your wallet

  1. Add the amount of IDRX and choose the preffered lock duration, click Stake.

  1. Staking status will change to Earning, meaning that the locking duration has starte and your IDRX is progress for staking rewards.

  1. To add more staking progress you can Add New Stake

  1. To unstake early before staking duration ended, click Unbond Principal then click Submit to proceed.

  1. Your staking status will change to Unbonding, meaning that the unstaking process has started to stop the staking progress and return your balance.

  1. The process from Unbonding to Cancelled will take 5 days. when status has changed to Cancelled, you can click Withdraw Principal and wait until your IDRX is returned to your wallet.

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