How to Borrow/Repay

Follow this step by step guide to help you access the Borrow Market feature

Before borrowing crypto assets, you will need to add supply to the Lending Market to use it as collateral

Borrow Guide

1. Visit and click “GO TO APPS” . You will be asked to connect your wallet, make sure you are logged in to your wallet extension

2.Before you start borrowing, you should click "Enable" from the Supply Market on the token you want to borrow and the collateral you want to include

3.Give permission to every market that you "Enable"

4.Click on the token market you want to borrow. You are going to be asked for 2 permissions from the smart contract to access your wallet. Click "Confirm" for both permissions

5.Click on the token market for the second time and input the number of token you want to borrow. You can click "MAX" to borrow to the maximum amount. Please consider your borrowing limit before proceeding. Click "Borrow"

6.Confirm your transaction from your wallet and wait until your borrowing number is automatically updated

Repay Guide

1.Click on the market loan you want to repay

2.Click the "Repay" tab, you can check your debt, borrow rate, and the PLM reward interest in the status bar

3.Input the amount of debt you want to repay, you can click the "FULL" button to automatically input all your debt. Click "Repay" to proceed

4.Confirm your transaction through your wallet

5.Wait until the transaction is done and your debt will automatically decreased or removed from the market

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