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Lending Market

Nusa Lending Market is basically a decentralized marketplace which offers functionalities for lending and borrowing crypto currency. In a more technical perspective, you can say that Nusa Lending Market is a system of smart contracts developed on Binance Smart Chain that the protocol enables borrowers to take loans and lenders to offer loans through locking their crypto assets in the protocol.

How it works?

When you interact to a specific market and put your crypto in the supply, you would get an equivalent amount of cTokens as a representation of user’s funds in the blockchain. Users can choose to redeem their cTokens for normal tokens alongside the interest earned. Furthermore, borrowers can enjoy flexibility to pay back their loans at any time as lenders also have the same privilege in withdrawing their locked assets.

Why Lending and Borrowing?

In terms of crypto lending market, we can easily answer what is the benefit by lending out your crypto. You just deposit your tokens and gain interest. But why people borrow crypto? Especially when you have to collateralized other crypto first that mathematically has more value than how much you borrow. The idea of borrowing crypto is you don't want to sell your current crypto but need funds.
Willy bought 1.000 BNB at a good price 5 months ago and is planning to make long term investment in BNB because he believes in its prospects. As time goes, something unexpected happens and now he needs a fast loan of $500. Willy has 2 options:
  1. 1.
    Cash out his 1000 BNB, or
  2. 2.
    Collateralized his 1.000 BNB to make a $500 loans. In a few days, he is able to get his BNB back by paying $500 + low interest fee
Borrowing crypto becomes the best option for Willy because he doesn't need to sell out his investment and lose his asset that he bought in a good price.

What People Do in Lending Market


  • Give supply to the market for borrowers and expect interest in return


  • Giving supply to the market and pawning it as collateral
  • Borrow crypto for various activities such as getting funds for trading spot/futures/derivatives, joining staking/events, paying short-term expenses, etc
  • Paying their debts and interest to avoid their collateral to be liquidated


  • Pay borrower debt that exceed the borrow limit in discounted price

What is the risk of Lending Market?

If you’re taking out a loan, here’s what you need to know about liquidation. If the value of your loan exceeds your Borrow Limit, your collateral will be in underwater state. Underwater state puts your collateral to be available for liquidation. Liquidator could buy your collateral to pay your debts.
Safe = Borrowed Value in a good balanced where your loan is free to use without time limitation
Underwater = Borrowed value is in an unhealthy balance where your collateral is available for liquidation​

Case Examples

Coll Value
Borrowed Value
Coll Factor
Borrow Limit (Coll Value x Coll Factor*)
Collateral Value - Borrow Limit
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
*collateral factor depends on each crypto market
Case 1 Your borrowing is in a safe state where your collateral won't be liquidated. You are free to use your borrowed asset as long as you want and there is no time limitation to repay your debts.
Case 2 There is a decrease of collateral value that cause your borrow value to reach the borrow limit. Your collateral is in the underwater state where your 600 collateral could be liquidated to pay your 500 borrowed asset. Liquidator can buy your collateral by paying your debt with 10% discounted price.
Case 3 There is an increase of borrowed value (does not apply in fixed rate market) that cause your borrow value to reach the borrow limit. Your collateral is in the underwater state where your 1000 collateral could be liquidated to pay your 850 borrowed asset. Liquidator can buy your collateral by paying your debt with 10% discounted price.
The collateral factor is an indicator of limit on how much value you can borrow.
Collateral factor isn't the only portion of collateral that will be liquidated. If you exceed the limit, the liquidation will be triggered and 100% of your collateral might be liquidated.
Disclaimer: Lending and Borrow is high risk and advance crypto use case. Please do your own research and make sure you understand how to use Nusa Lending Platform before taking further action.