How to Borrow/Repay IDRX

Follow this guide to help you borrow or repay your IDRX loan on the fixed rate lending market.

Borrow IDRX Guide

1. Visit and click "GO TO APPS." You will be prompted to connect your crypto wallet. Make sure you are logged into your crypto wallet.

2. You will be directed to the lending market page. Choose "Fixed Rate" in the Market. Currently, the token available for borrowing in the Fixed Rate lending market is only IDRX.

3. There are 2 permissions you need to grant:

a) Permission to access your assets by setting the "Spending Cap."

b) Permission to enter the market.

To set the "Spending Cap" in the Fixed Rate borrowing market, you must choose "Set Default."

Then press 'Approve' to grant permission to the smart contract to enter the market. Please wait for a while to process your transaction; refresh the page if necessary.

4. Click on the IDRX token that you wish to borrow. Enter the token amount you want to borrow manually or press "MAX" to borrow the maximum amount. Please consider your borrowing limit before proceeding. Press "Borrow."

5. Confirm your transaction from your crypto wallet, then wait for a moment until your borrowed amount appears automatically on the platform.

Repay IDRX Guide

1. Click on IDRX in your borrowing market to repay the loan.

2. On the Repay tab, enter the loan amount you want to repay or press the "FULL" button to automatically enter the full loan amount. Press Repay to continue the transaction.

  1. You will be directed to confirm the transaction on your crypto wallet. Press Confirm to proceed.

4. Please wait until your transaction is successful. Your loan will be automatically reduced or removed from the borrowing market.

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