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A warm welcome and a brief overview of what Nusa can offer you
Unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency investments with the diverse array of Nusa Web3 features.

✨The Best of Nusa ✨

Giving You Instant and simple

No need for account and registration Just connect your wallet to directly enter the web3 world of Nusa

It's Decentralized

Everything runs in the blockchain, we do not hold any of your assets your crypto is 100% yours

Nusa is for Everyone

Doesn't matter who you are; newcomer, intermediate, or crypto guru Accessible and beneficial for every layer

📚Product and Services 📚

Everything in one place, a playground for Web3 enthusiast

Decentralized Finance Apps

One-stop DeFi platform to elevate your trading prowess by leveraging our lending market, liquidity provision pool, and swap functionality. Don't miss our exclusive earning programs through airdrop and farming events. Take part in our platform's development and relish exclusive profit-sharing opportunities through our governance program.

NFT Marketplace

Leveraging Polygon's advantages, Nusa NFT Marketplace provides faster transaction speeds and lower fees than other blockchain networks. This marketplace cultivates a vibrant community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, offering a seamless experience. Creators, collectors, or even business owners can enjoy our innovation initiatives to enhance user experience. Feel free to reach out to our team for further information and assistance.

Mobile Apps

Visualize a comprehensive super app that consolidates all your Web3 requirements into a single, seamlessly integrated platform. Whether you seek a secure non-custodial wallet, a decentralized finance application, or an NFT marketplace, it's all conveniently accessible at your fingertips with utmost customization.
Let's get started! 🏃🏻💨